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MUSC MyChart ® Terms and Agreement

By agreeing to the following terms and conditions, I acknowledge that I am requesting access to portions of my health information and the ability to communicate with my MUSC* health care team via the Internet.

-I understand that MyChart is intended as a secure online source of confidential medical information.

-I understand that MyChart is never to be used as a means of communication to MUSC health care providers for urgent or emergency matters. For all emergency matters that I believe might immediately affect my health or well-being, I will dial 911 without delay and/or go to the emergency department of a local hospital.

-I understand that my MUSC health care team may send me messages via MyChart. The messages in MyChart may contain information regarding my health and medical care. It is my responsibility to monitor the messages that are sent to my MyChart Inbox. I understand and agree that MUSC will not be liable for any loss, injury or claims of any kind resulting from MyChart messages that I fail to read in a timely manner.

-I understand that I must maintain a valid and functional email address that may be used to notify me of the presence of MyChart® messages. I will update my email address on MyChart® when my email address changes..

-I understand the anticipated turnaround time for responses to electronic messages is generally two-three business days and that MUSC will not be liable for any loss, injury or claims of any kind resulting from any delay in responding to electronic messages. I understand that if I do not get a response within three business days, I should contact my caregiver by phone.

-I agree that it is my responsibility to select a confidential password, to maintain my password in a secure manner, and to change my password if I believe it may have been compromised in any way. If I share my MyChart ID and password with another person, that person may be able to view my health information, and information about someone who has authorized me as a MyChart proxy. I understand and agree that MUSC will not be liable for any loss, injury or claims of any kind resulting from my disclosure of the confidential password or confidential information on MyChart.

-I understand that MyChart contains selected, limited medical information from a patient’s medical record and that MyChart does not reflect the complete contents of the medical record. I understand I can print my information from MyChart knowing that it does not contain my entire record. I also understand that I may request a paper copy or a summary of my medical record from MUSC.

-I understand that my activities within MyChart may be tracked by computer audit trails and that entries I make may become part of the electronic record.

-I understand that access to MyChart is provided by MUSC as a convenience and that MUSC has the right to deactivate access to MyChart at any time without notice to me. I understand that use of MyChart is voluntary, and I am not required to use MyChart nor to authorize a MyChart proxy.

Additional Information

-This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of South Carolina.

-The MUSC Notice of Privacy Practices is available at

- E-Visit and Evaluative Messaging in MyChart (EMM) Digital MyChart Evisit Terms and Conditions are available here.


-I understand that MyChart may not be available to me all the time due to system failures, back-up procedures, maintenance, or other causes beyond the control of MUSC. Access is provided on an "as-is, as-available" basis and does not guarantee that I will be able to access MyChart at any particular time.

-MyChart may offer links to related medical websites not managed by MUSC. These website link(s) are for your informational purposes only. MUSC does not endorse and has not verified the accuracy of the information in/on these websites, and you should not rely on any of the information found on the websites for purposes of treatment or diagnosis.

-During times when MyChart is unavailable, other communication methods (e.g., telephone) should be used to access MUSC.

*MUSC includes the Medical University of South Carolina, Medical University Hospital Authority, University Medical Associates of the Medical University of South Carolina, MUSC Physicians and Carolina Family Care and other affiliates of MUSC as may be determined from time to time.

Updated April 06, 2020